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    Available courses

    The course aims to teach the philosophy, tools and techniques of lean 6s and agile methods in manufacturing, service industries. There will also be emphasis starting a new project by means of creating charter. Eliminating waste and making zero defect possible in value streams are implied by means of lean 6s and practical tools. Tools and techniques are implemented through continuous and complementary classwork and workshops.

    This course covers fundamental topics of project management starting from definitions moving through behavioral and technical skills necessary to launch, lead and realize benefits from projects. In this course students will understand managerial background, models and tools to be used. Logic and algorithm behind the tools and models used is also covered.

    An overview of project management process is provided. Project selection models are covered including financial analysis and intuitive tools. Project scheduling methods, algorithms behind them and use of software tools will be emphasized. Resource constrains and methods against constraints are covered too. Real life applications from various sectors are presented to support in-class instruction.